Off to the evil bog

Our last storm chase on November 11th, 2014 was quite interesting. We met up with Jacob and Brian early and observed the first storm of the day to the SW from the Fassifern Valley. After a while we decided to position ourselves on the eastern downs where we observed a very nice looking supercell thunderstorm.

After this went towards Toowoomba we shifted our focus on the activity to the SW and W. We ended up heading towards Clifton/Felton and photographed and livestreamed a very lightning active thunderstorm which produced some great photos. After a while the storms become more organised into more of a line and we headed up towards Southbrook in hope of reaching Biddisten to shoot south.

Andy was on the Nav and trying to find area's clear for more photos. Before we knew it we took a gravel based 2wd and encounter blacksoil after we crested a hill. That's where we stayed for 12 hours after attempts to get the car out of the evil bog. Thank you to Matthew Black and Grant Rolph for coming down to attempt to retreive us. We finally go the car out by 7:30am the next morning. It's refreshing to know that the community is still strong and we would help each other out when it's needed. This chase was bitter/sweet and as much as it was an inconvenience and unlucky to get the car stuck.. we got storms and knowing that everyone is still looking out for each other. Photo: Cam digging the car out at 3:30am out the back of Toowoomba.


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