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STORM CHASER: Andy Barber - Brisbane, Australia
NAME: Andy Barber
OCCUPATION: Forecaster
COMPANY: The Early Warning Network
CHASE TEAM: South Brisbane Storms
FAVE AUS STORM: November 17th, 2012
FAVE AUS STATE: Queensland
FAVE US STORM: May 24th, 2016
- 2011 Cat 5 Tropical Cyclone Yasi
- 2017 Cat 4 Tropical Cyclone Debbie
ACCOLADE: 2011 Queensland Disaster Hero


Andy Barber grew up south of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Andy initially grew up afraid of thunderstorms as a child due to his lack of understanding of how thunderstorms formed and occurred. After leaving high school, Andy decided to combat his fear by learning more about thunderstorm dynamics and the fluid mechanics behind thunderstorm evolution. In 2004, Andy left his regular job working in Office Administration to broaden his scope of chasing and understanding, and chasing into both Queensland and New South Wales. 

In 2008, then a forum member of Weatherzone, Andy met friends and weather circles via the Australian Severe Weather Association. That year at the AGM Conference in Melbourne, Andy met now long time friend and chase partner Cam Hines shortly before 'South Brisbane Storms' formed a social media presence on facebook in 2010.

South Brisbane Storms was really put on the map in 2010/2011 when storm chasers Andy Barber and Cam Hines intercepted Severe Tropical Cyclone in 2011 and covering the historical 2011 Queensland Flood Disaster. The relaying of information via the new social platform earned both Andy and Cam recognition via the Queensland Government and were awarded with Disaster Hero Medals by then Premier Anna Bligh and Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan. South Brisbane Storms footage was featured through numerous news outlets and was included in National Geographic's 'Australia's Greatest Flood'. 


In 2013, the South Brisbane Storms US team conducted their first chase in the United States. In 2015, 2016 and 2017, Andy has returned to reprise his role documenting and filming tornadoes across the heart of Tornado Alley. 

Since 2013, Andy had chase intermittently with United States veteran close-range tornado experts Dick McGowan and Darin Brunin. Andy had his first opportunity to be first shooter for Dick McGowan on May 27th, 2015 intercepting tornadoes in Canadian, Texas. In 2016, he was invited back to reprise his role and documented and filmed the intense series of tornadoes of May 24th, 2016. 

2017 will see Andy return to the United States to further his knowledge and hone his own chase craft intercepting tornadoes at close range in Tornado Alley. 

Category 5 Storm - Cyclone Yasi 2011

Andy is currently the Vice President for the Australian Severe Weather Association since 2016 and has been forecasting and alerting for The Early Warning Network since 2013. He takes great pride in his filming technique and delivery of content and has vast experience with media and radio. South Brisbane Storms is a free service and outlet to share our love of severe weather and documenting significant events ranging from thunderstorms, tornadoes and cyclones bridging the knowledge gap between storm chasers and the community.

South Brisbane Storms
Team 2017

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Ken Kato
Andy Barber
Grant Rolph
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Justin Noonan
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In 2011, Andy and Cam (South Brisbane Storms) intercepted the destructive winds zone on the southern side of Category 5 Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi. The eye of Yasi made landfall near Mission Beach at 12:36am. Low end Category 3 winds were observed and filmed between Townsville, Alva Beach and Bowen, Queensland.

In 2017, along with South Brisbane Storms Justin Noonan and the dedicated team at Oz Cyclone Chasers, Andy successfully intercepted the 'eye' of Category 4 Severe Tropical Cyclone Debbie. Tropical Cyclone Debbie is the next significant event in Queensland since the wake of Severe Tropical Cyclone Yasi back in 2011. 

Andy and Justin, along with Oz Cyclone Chasers were providing information regarding weather observations at Airlie Beach upon landfall and immediate aftermath images. A very special thank you is owed to Oz Cyclone Chasers for allowing our team to work alongside some of the best in the country.

Tropical Cyclone Debbie made landfall on March 28th, 2017 at Airlie Beach where the two teams setup for the eyewall crossing. A minimum of 959hPA was recorded at Airlie Beach upon crossing by the Oz Cyclone Chasers weather instrument. The teams utilised a Category 5 Tropical Cyclone rated building for the base.

Category 4 Storm - Cyclone Debbie 2017

"Nothing matches the power of Mother Nature at her angriest". Andy Barber - Simla, Colorado, United States 2015

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Andy has conducted severe weather awareness presentations across Southeast Queensland over a series of 18 months including 28 Brisbane City Council, Logan City Council, Ipswich City Council and Redlands Libraries bring thunderstorm awareness to the community. 

In 2015, Andy conducted a full hour-and-a-half presentation at the Novotel Twin Waters Resort in Coolum for the Queensland State Emergency Services Conference dinner attended by the Queensland SES Attorney General. 

Andy takes pride in bring severe weather to the forefront of the community and passing on experiences of past chases including Severe Thunderstorms in SE/QLD and NE/NSW, Tornadoes in the heart of Tornado Alley and Severe Tropical Cyclone occurrences in Queensland.

** SPECIAL: SOUTH BRISBANE STORMS Andy & Justin - Channel 11 - Totally Wild TV in 2016. Part I and Part II below.

Andy has extensive experience with severe weather and the media having produced works published by National Geographic, Quest Newspapers, That's Life Magazine, News Limited, 7News Queensland, 9 National News, Ten Eyewitness News Queensland, The Late Nite Show on Briz 31 and has been featured on radio stations including Triple M Brisbane, River 94.9 Ipswich, ABC National Radio and other community stations on the Austero network.