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Cam Hines Cam has always had a passion for severe thunderstorms ever since he was a child. One of Cam's earliest memories is of a thunderstorm at age 3, spawning his interest in severe weather and thunderstorms.

Throughout high school Cam learned more about thunderstorm dynamics and he has never looked back since. Earlier this year in 2011, Cam documented the Brisbane Flood Event and also chased and intercepted Cyclone Yasi - Category 5, the biggest to hit the Australian East Coast. Cam filtered on-the-ground information live via social media to over 100,000 people.

His efforts were acknowledged by the Australian Government whom awarded Cam a "Disaster Hero" medal by the Deputy Prime Minister and Premier of Queensland. Cam has worked in with 360° Films, National Geographic and ABC Documentaries and also various news networks.

Storm Chasing is an active interest Cam has away from work hours in his own private time.

Andy grew up in Logan City, Queensland and become fascinated by severe weather in his late teens. Andy was afraid of thunderstorms in his younger years however to combat his fear, curiosity of lightning led him to learn more and more about the way thunderstorms worked.


Andy has been chasing storms since setting up his weather website in 2005, and has since then been chasing severe weather across the southeast. In 2008,


Andy joined forces with his chase partner Cam Hines and has since intercepted Tropical Cyclones, Severe Thunderstorms and even Tornadoes in the United States in 2013. He was awarded a 'Disaster Hero Medal' by Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan in response to his efforts with social media during the Summer of Disasters in 2011.


Andy has also worked in with the likes of National Geographic, Ten News, Channel Seven relating to severe weather footage, and had the opportunity to chase alongside some of the world's elite in Reed Timmer and Dick McGowan from TVN in the United States last month.


Andy is a firm believer of giving back to the community after such events, taking part in flood relief efforts and donating portions of sales from chasing DVD's back to the Premiers Flood Appeal. A portion of the upcoming DVD 'Chasing Tornado Alley 2013' will also be donated to the Red Cross in Oklahoma after the events of Shawnee and Moore tornadoes.


When Justin isn't chasing wild weather, he is a trade qualified Electrician. His passion for severe weather was spawned when he was a young kid. Thunder and lightning used to frighten him but also fascinate him at the same time.

When Justin was 12 years of age, he witnessed a massive flood in May 1996. This turned out to be the trigger for what was to come with his fascination with the weather. At nearly 29 years of age Justin still remembers his first storm chase out near Beaudesert at the end of 2001, just after he got his driver's license.

Since then, chasing has become a natural part of his life every spring/summer and a part that he can't live without. It has been the last 5 years or so that at every opportunity he has chased and prior to that it was every so often. Justin has footage dating all the way back to 2001.

He also chases over in the United States and has been since 2010. He has seen every size and shape tornado possible, including the devastating Joplin EF5 tornado that destroyed the town on 22nd May 2011. Over the years Justin has seen some of mother natures greatest shows.

Some of his favourite chases here in Australia would have to be the entire week from November 16th-20th 2008, December 15th, 2010 Supercell that dropped monster hail in Logan and an incredible week of supercells in January 2004!