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Join our team for day chases ... **(Spring/Summer 2014)**















Ever wanted to know what it's like to photograph a severe thunderstorm? If so.. then we are giving you the opportunity over the next Spring/Summer 2014 to join us storm chasing. You will be joined by either storm chasers Andy Barber or Justin Noonan on the day to intercept severe weather around SE Queensland.



Is this really Australia's first storm chasing day tours?
Yes. A Melbourne based company had this concept offering tours to eight days for thousands of dollars. Our South Brisbane Storms branch 'Chase Tours' is the first day chasing tours in the country and also Queensland. Day trips are a lot more flexible without the pressure of lots of money and lodging expenses.

What will I get for my hard earned cash?
The team at South Brisbane Storms pride ourselves on forecasting skill, accuracy and professionalism. You will join our experienced tour guides for a day of extreme weather photography and storm chasing. Included will be all day photography tips and the teaching of basic weather dynamics. We will be providing cold beverages (price inclusive) on the day of your choice. Softdrink, Juice and Flavored Milks.

What will happen on the chase day?
If you are next in line for the tours, you are required to meet at Springwood, QLD at 9:30am on the morning of the chase. From 9:30am you will have the chance to meet-and-greet your chasing guides and other people attending the tour that day. We will have a briefing on the potential target area and setup of the day then proceed to leave by 10am sharp. You are not permitted in the chase vehicle until our South Brisbane Storms Chase Tours waiver has been signed and surrendered. We could return to base as early as 6:00pm to as late as midnight in some instances.

Does the vechile have charging facilities and features?
Our first chase vehicle is equipped with charging outlets in the front and rear of the van. We also have a 600w power inverter available for dire recharging needs. We encourge you to have your equipment fully charged for the chase day.
















Our 2014/15 Chase Vehicle includes:

  • Adequate seating for up to five attendees at a time

  • 2 x Video Screens in rear seats for DVD viewing and realtime storm streaming

  • Air-conditioning throughout with your own fan selector

  • Weather Station for realtime weather observations at all times

  • .. and much much more!


How much will the chase tour cost per person?
This is still yet to be determined and narrowed down to a final figure, however we are looking in the order of approx. $180 - $220 per person per day. 

More information will be coming up here over the winter. So stay tuned! Updates also on

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